Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Dilemma

First, the good news. My lovely wife bought me a new pair of barrister bookcases for the den as an early anniversary present.

On the downside of this is the fact that while I’m always in need of new bookcases, I’m officially out of available space for them without some major redesigning of the room. I was able to shift a bunch of stuff around and squeeze one of them in along the wall. The other…? No clue. I don’t have enough books to fill the second yet anyway, so I’ll put that problem off into the indeterminate future.

As of right now, everything is in disarray as I pull books out of storage and rearrange them all again. It’s a time-wasting and comical event that occurs every time a new bookcase arrives. There's a method to my organization, after all.

I'm beginning to think the haphazard, stick-em-where-they-fit approach might be better. Two days and many hours later, the new bookshelf has finally been filled.

Now I just need to figure out how to turn the room into Mary Poppins’ satchel. Or perhaps the Weasley’s tent. Now that would be an item worth owning. If anybody knows the spell for that, let me know.

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